Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dip Dye Hair

Hair. It's powerful stuff. Long, short, blonde, brunette, ginger, highlights, I've done it all and if I dug hard enough, I could post proof of them all. We all can relate to the feeling of feeling restless, needing a change and I'm sure that 9 times out of 10, most ladies can recall making a visit to their stylist to for something that makes you feel new and different. I had been rocking the feather trend for the last 9 months, and although I have love for the feathers, it was time for a change. As my friend, Lizzy stated in her blog here, once Steven Tyler, Dog the Bounty Hunter and little girls are all rocking the same trend, we may have to step away from the fowl.  

I was inspired by this photo of LC, or Lauren Conrad to those of you who don't go way back to her high school days. ;) 


I have had my love affair with Manic Panic back in the 90's, but this is on a completely different level. The colors are kinda easter eggie and oh so pretty. I was witness to a couple of ladies getting it done at Sabia Apothecary & Spa and I booked my appointment with the lovely Kacy Bear Carpenter. 

Here is what happened....


Color me IMPRESSED! (sorry couldn't help myself ;)) But, seriously, she did a fantastic job. Thank you Kacy, you are a dream! 

If you are in the Austin area and want to get this look, call Sabia to book. 512.469.0447.